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Inaithiram HT150BS Staircase Climbing Hand Truck with Back Support 150kg Capacity Made of Durable Steel, with 360 Degree Swivel Wheels, Black Colour, (65x46x110cm), Portable Foldable Easily Storable

Brand: Inaithiram

SKU: 1000000003
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Product Features

Product Type/Style Stair Climbing Trolley / Hand Truck
Special Features Dual Usage – in Staircases & Flat Floors, 360* Rotation Back Support, 02 Extra Spare Wheels Free of Cost
Warranty 01 Year against Manufacturing Defects
Spare Parts Support Guaranteed Support for 02 years
Assembly Kit Yes, DIY Assembly Kit Provided Free of Cost
Brand Name Inaithiram
Material Mild Steel
Load Capacity 150kg
Item Dimension LxWxH 65 x 46 x 110 cm
Item Weight 10.4kg
Finish Type Powder Coated

About this item

  • Inaithiram’s stair climbing trolleys are specialized type of hand truck designed to help users transport heavy loads (upto 150kg) up and down stairs with ease.
  • Stair-climbing wheels: The trolley is typically equipped with wheels fixed with specially designed A-frames that are designed to grip stairs securely and climb up or down steps smoothly, minimizing the need for lifting or carrying heavy loads.
  • Dual Usage: This Inaithiram HT150BS Staircase Climbing trolley can be used as a dual-purpose trolley, both in staircases and in flat surfaces, made possible by having extra back support with wheels.
  • Adjustable handle: The handle of the trolley is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights and to provide ergonomic comfort during use.
  • Folding design: Inaithiram stair climbing trolleys can be folded up for compact storage when not in use, making them easy to store in a closet, garage, or trunk of a car.
  • Load capacity: The trolley is rated for a maximum load capacity of 150kg that can accommodate the weight of the items being transported.
  • Durability: Inaithiram staircase climbing trolleys are sturdy, well-built construction to ensure the trolley can withstand heavy use and remain reliable over time.
  • Lightweight: This model is lightweight, making it easier to move around and maneuver on stairs.
  • Back Support: Inaithiram HT150BS Stair climbing trolley comes with added back support with 360* swivel wheels for better balance and easy handling and aiding in dual usage.
  • This Inaithiram stair climbing trolley is an essential tool for anyone (especially offices, warehouses, shops, retail outlets, courier offices) who needs to move heavy items up and down stairs regularly. Its unique design makes it easier and safer to transport loads than traditional hand trucks or dollies.

Product Specifications

Model Number WH-MH-HT150BS
Product Type Stair Climbing Hand Trolley/Truck
Platform Material Mild Steel EU/EN S185 (EN10025-2)
Load Capacity 150kg
Item Dimension LxWxH 65 x 46 x 110 cm
Item Weight 10.4kg
Platform Type Foldable
Platform Dimension LxW 395 x 330 mm ( ~ 1.3 ft x 1.2 ft )
Platform Thickness 10 mm
Ground Clearance -
Handle Height 1100 mm
No. of Wheels 06 + 02 + 02
Wheel Type 06 A frame Wheels + 02 360* Swivel (for Back Support Leg)
Wheel Material Polyurethane (PU) Castor Wheels
Wheels Size (Dia x Thick) 125mm x 20mm (5 inch. X 0.8 inch. )
Wheel’s Bearing Type 600ZZ – Non-Contact Shielded Type
Painting Method Powder Coated Finish


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Product Description

Inaithiram HT150BS stair climbing trolley - the ultimate heavy-duty hand truck with a 150kg capacity, designed to make transporting large and heavy loads up and down stairs a breeze. This innovative trolley comes equipped with swivel wheels for 360-degree rotation and flexibility, allowing for smooth maneuvering on any surface.

What really sets the Inaithiram HT150BS apart is its additional back support, which provides users with optimal comfort and support during use. The back support is also versatile, doubling as a platform trolley on flat surfaces for even more convenience.

Ergonomically designed with an optimum height, the Inaithiram HT150BS is built for maximum efficiency and ease of use. And when not in use, the foldable platform and retractable handles and back support make for easy storage and portability.

So whether you're a delivery driver, mover, or warehouse worker, or managing retail stores Inaithiram’s  HT150BS stair climbing trolley is the perfect tool to make your job easier and more efficient.

Are you looking for a more efficient & convenient way to move heavy objects up and down stairs?

Ample Platform Space

Polyurethane (PU) A Frame Wheels with Free Spare Wheels

Support bar with 360* Swivel Wheels

Unique Tri Wheel A Frame Design
  • The tri-wheel design is specifically engineered to make it easier and safer to transport loads up to 150kg. It is designed to absorb the impact of each stair step, reducing the strain on the user's back and arms, the third wheel acts as a stabilizer, providing added support and preventing the hand truck from tipping over or losing balance during transportation. The tri-wheel design allows the hand truck to smoothly and securely move up and down stairs, even over uneven or bumpy surfaces. It is particularly useful for transporting heavy loads up and down stairs that have a curved or winding shape, as it allows the hand truck to easily turn and follow the contours of the staircase.
Sturdy Steel Frame, Ergonomic Foam Grip, Powder Coated Painting
  • The steel frame is made from high-quality, heavy-duty steel that is designed to resist bending, warping, or breaking under heavy loads. The steel frame is designed to be lightweight, which helps reduce the overall weight of the hand truck and makes it easier to maneuver and carry up and down stairs. It is designed with a streamlined shape that is optimized for maximum strength and stability, while also minimizing the overall size and weight of the hand truck.
  • Ergonomic Foam Grip : The foam grip is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip for the user, even when their hands are wet or sweaty. The foam grip handles are designed to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip that reduces hand fatigue and increases control during transportation. The foam padding helps to absorb shock and vibration, reducing the risk of strain or injury during use. It provides extra comfort, safety, and durability, making it easier and more efficient to transport heavy loads up and down stairs.

The Engineering Construct of Wheels - The Vital Cog of Inaithiram Stair Climbing Hand Trucks & Hand Trolleys

Dual Use – in Flat Surfaces, Floor and Stair Cases Steps
  • This innovative hand truck is designed to make transporting heavy loads up and down stairs easier and more efficient than ever before. It also can be used in flat surface or floors as a substitute for platform trolley. The tri-wheel design along with extended back support helps to achieve this. One product Multiple usage.
Easy climbing with unique A-frame wheels!
  • The A-frame wheels provide superior stability and balance, allowing users to easily navigate stairs and other obstacles with minimal effort. Additionally, the hand truck's ergonomic design makes it easy to use and comfortable to grip, reducing the risk of injury or strain during use. @With its sleek and silent A-frame wheels, this hand truck is perfect for use in any setting where quiet operation is important, such as residential or commercial buildings.
360 degree Swivel Wheels
  • The two small 360 degree swivel wheels in the extended support bar makes it easier to maneuver the hand truck up and down stairs. The wheel offers better control, better maneuverability, uniform load distribution, superior handling and ease of use. The extended support bar and swivel wheels work together to make the hand truck more versatile and efficient, especially when navigating tight spaces, around corners and up and down stairs.
Kingpinless swivel base PU castor wheels provide better load distribution and failure free operations
  • The 02 Swivel Bases are of Kingpinless type and acts as steering wheels. These Kingpinless Swivel base castor wheels fitted in this platform trolley - helps in the spearing of castor loads over a larger area, allowing it to be used at higher speeds and provides higher loading capacity. The swivel motion is more uniform and swivels more easily. Less maintenance is required as there is no nut to be re-tightened.

Universal Dual Usage, satisfying all Industrial and Domestic Shifting Needs

Inaithiram HT150BS Stair climbing hand trucks and hand trolleys can be used in any situation where heavy loads need to be transported up and down stairs, making them an essential tool for many industries and businesses. Inaithiram HT150BS Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and trolleys are used in Delivery Services, Courier and Logistics Services, Office Building, Warehouses, Retail Stores, Construction Sites, Factories, Super Markets Shopping malls etc.

Product Specification

Technical Details

Brand Inaithiram
Style Stair Climbing Trolley / Hand Truck
Material Durable Steel - Mild Steel
SKU 1000000003
Model Number WH-MH-HT150BS
Load Capacity 150kg
Product Weight 10.4kg
Product Dimension (LxWxH) 65 x 46 x 110 cm
Product Colour Black and Grey
Platform Size 39.5cm x 33cm ~395mm x 330mm ~ 1.3 ft. x 1.2 ft.
Platform Type/Design Foldable
Platform Material Mild Steel EU/EN S185 (EN10025-2)
Handle Height 1100mm
Platform Thickness 15mm
Ground Clearance -
No. of Wheels 06 + 02 + 02
Wheel Type 06 A frame Wheels + 02 360* Swivel (for Back Support Leg)
Wheel Material Polyurethane (PU) Castor Wheels
Wheels Size (Dia x Thick) 125mm x 20mm (5 inch. X 0.8 inch.)
Wheel’s Bearing Type 600ZZ – Non-Contact Shielded Type
Handle Bar Grip Yes - Foam Graded Anti Slip Grip
Handle Bar Seamless Square Steel Pipes
Foot Lever bar Galvanized Iron (GI)
Self-Locking Bracket Yes
Bumper Liners -
Wheels brackets Powder coated MS brackets and Nickel Chromium plated brackets
Painting Powder Coated Surface Finish
Special Feature Dual Usage for stair climbing as well flat surface operations, Foldable Platform, Powder Coated Anti Rust Painting, All Wheels come with Dust Proof Caps, Spacious Platform with 150Kg capacity, Industrial Grade Durable Mild Steel Platform, Foam Grip in Handle for Additional Gri, 360 Degree Rotation with swivel Wheels, Smooth and Noiseless PU Wheels, Ergonomic Extendable and Retractable Handle with Optimum Height, Foldable and retractable back support.
Usage Area Apartments, Houses, Shop Floors, Garage, Schools, Library, Garden, Professional movers, Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Hotels, Railways, Airport, Pharmaceutical industry, Catering industry, Manufacturing Industry, Marine Industry, Offices, Factories, Workshops, Warehouses
Country of Origin -
Package Dimension (LxWxH) 81 X 44 X 17 cm
Package Weight (Actual) 12kg
Package Volumetric Weight 12.18kg
Included Components (Inside Package) Trolley Body with Handle, 06 A frame Wheels + 02 Spare wheels, 02 360* Swivel wheels for back support, Required Fasteners with Washers, Complementary Spanner

Additional Information

SKU 1000000003
Model Number WH-MH-HT150BS
Part Number 1000000003-WH-MH-HT150BS
Compatible Spare Parts -
Product Category Material Handling Equipment
Product Sub-Category Hand Truck / Hand Trolley
Product Type Stair Climbing Hand Trolley/Truck
Generic Name Material Handling Trolleys
Available in Market from (Date) 22.Dec.2021
Manufacturer Inaithiram, Customer Care: Phone: 88 70 80 7111, email:
Importer Inaithiram, Customer Care: Phone: 88 70 80 7111, email:
Packer Inaithiram, Customer Care: Phone: 88 70 80 7111, email:
Warranty 01 Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects
Warranty Claim Support Email to: from your registered email ID with Subject line "Warranty Claim for Order No. XXXXXXXXXX, Order Date: DD.MMM.YYYY"
Customer Support Inaithiram, Customer Care: Phone: 88 70 80 7111, email:
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